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It ain't rock bottom....


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The season from **** gets worse and worse....or does it? I'm as stunned as everyone else right now, but maybe this is the best thing to happen to this franchise since the '98 Super Bowl. Every year of ineptitude and failure the Falcons have suffered over the past decade has always had glimmers of hope or false promise. No matter how bad things got, there was always something to hold onto for next year. Well this year has pushed the Birds to the very brink of oblivion and I say its a good thing. Now that there is nothing , NOTHING, to play for, we get to see who really cares about this team and not a stat or a paycheck or a SportsCenter highlight. In the next three games we get to see who sacrifices their body for an overthrown pass or who turns on the jets to beat the opposing running back to the first down marker. These are the players we need to start over. Whether it's DeAngelo Hall or Keith Brooking or Micheal Keonen or Warrick Dunn or Roddy White or Jason Snelling or Micheal Boley, I want the guys who will bleed when the only thing to bleed for is each other and the logo on their helmet. Take these players and give them to Marty Schottenheimer or better yet Mike Singletary and start from the sticky, dirty bottom of the pile and watch as this team pulls itself up one hardfought battle after another. Singletary would be ideal because he can grow as a coach as these players grow as a team. He strikes me as person who values loyalty and I envision his coaching path to be one similar to Bill Cowher's. Art Rooney took a youg coach who was rough around the edges but had promise and stuck by him through thick and thin and was rewarded with another Super Bowl. Right now the Falcons don't need to worry about playoffs or Super Bowls or coaching gurus. They need to hire a coach, make some hard roster decisions and focus on one thing.... winning the next game. Then the next game. And then the next game. Win or lose, if they keep this focus and mentality, they will one day win a game and look up to see Roger Goodell holding out a shiny new Lombardi trophy for them. You gotta hit rock bottom before you appreciate everthing you get from that point on.

P.S.- Sorry for being so wordy in my first ever post, but sometimes you just got to get it out of your system.

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