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This season has been worse then anything I could ever imagine for the team, and it just keeps getting worse. With Petrino resigning that means we are going to lose our coordinators too. I really like Zimmer... he is way better then our previous defensive coordinator. Will he be our head coach, idk. One thing for sure is that I do not want to lose Hue Jackson. He has done wonders with our receivers.

The rest of the season will show if Hue is cut out to actually call his plays. I hope he proves valuable.

I can already see fans coming up with a list of potential head coaches. It seems their list includes people like:

Bill Cowher

Bill Parcells

Marty Schottenheimer

Dan Reeves

I think Parcells and Reeves are very unlikely... Parcells is retired, and I doubt Blank wants to go back to Reeves.

I like the idea of Cowher, but I fear he will demand even more turnover in terms of personnel then anyone. I think he would continue to rebuild the offensive line and draft a QB (a good thing), but I feel he would force us to switch to a 3-4 on defense. Basically Hue Jackson, and Zimmer would be out of here.

One guy that I really want this FO to look at is Mike Martz. I know he is getting cozy up in Detroit, but I feel he is the guy that will demand the least turnover. He already calls his own plays, so we might be able to keep Hue Jackson on. and assuming he doesn't want to get rid of Zimmer we would still be set in terms of coaching.

I think Martz would want to continue to rebuild the offensive line, and find a quick release, strong armed QB in the draft. I also think he is the guy that could utilize Norwood to be the most effective.

I also think he is the one guy that can keep the offense competitive with the few pieces that we have.

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I also think he is the one guy that can keep the offense competitive with the few pieces that we have.

I don't get the Mike Martz lovefest. In 2004, I watched the Ed Donatell defense, and by the way, Atlanta fans despise Ed D, completely b$%chslap Martz offense twice in the same season.

An offense with no less than 4 future HOF players. Guess what? The Atlanta offense doesn't have any future HOF players.

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I do not want to lose Zimmer under any circumstance. None. I like Jackson, and like you said, we will see what he is made out of. I can't imagine he could get worse. No more russian roulette with players. Stick with the best QB, actually give Norwood more plays, involve the vets.

****, I would like to see Forney and Blalock play. Lets see what Jimmy Williams can actually do. Or whatever, I just really thought Zimmer gave us a great defense, but of course we need a few more players to make it better. The offense can't look worse. I mean, statistically, it would be hard. We could move down 1 spot in scoring. Give Jackson the choice. And I would love Cowher, but I don't want a whole new staff, with another year or two of rebuilding, and everything like that. How many rebuilding years can we take before we turn into Miami?

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