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A Fantasy ending to the season

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I would select Glanville as the coach for the Falcons for the rest of the season if he didn't cost much and wanted the job, he was a strong coach and could put a fire into the team like no other coach we've had before or since. He brought the Black Uniforms to Atlanta. I think he would make the remaining 3 games interesting as a TEMPORARY coach. And I will say again TEMPORARY COACH. Nothing to lose just an entertaining thought. ****, if they were to go 3 and 0 I might consider him coaching again "If he wanted the job".

I know a lot of people are gonna say Dan Reeves but I don't think he has the fire this team needs to make them want to finish the season playing strong. Just my opinion so we shall see. They will probably put some coach the Falcons have now which I think will be a stupid mistake because if they couldn't fire up the team to play before what makes them think they can do it now. I just hope we get a big name head coach for next season because I am sick of this new blood crap with the likes of Mora Jr. and Petrino.....

Who would you select for the rest of the season to be head coach?

Notice I said rest of the season but I also talked about next season so load up your comments and fire away my friends!!!!!!!


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