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Who can blame Bobby?

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I've purchased season tickets to Falcons games since the S. Bartkowski era and still attend most of the home games. This will change soon unless somebody who's asleep at the switch wakes up.

Bobby Petrino is a winner. Like most of us he is the architect of his own problems but not in the way that most think. Mistake number 1....ever taking the Falcons coaching job. He should have never put himself in the position of herding this bunch that call themselves athletes and NFL executives. Apparently he never talked to anyone about the character of the team and the Falcon fans before "selling the farm" and moving here.

I don't post on blogs and dont get too bent out of shape over pro sports. The NFL has image and identity issues that need to be addressed but the Atlanta Falcons issues are off the charts. The team is a group of thugs that won't ever be successful no matter who the coach is. Bad attitude, gang-like mentality (defending Vick's/ Ron Mexico's childish and thug-like behavior) and overall obstanance is driving away support from people that have the ability to financially support the team. Even the players made public statements against Petrino and this insubordination would be the undoing of any team's ability to be successful.

I'm a native Atlantan and hope that Blank will make wholesale changes. We have bench problems not coach problems. If we don't unload bad influences like Hall, etc. then there is no reason to support this bunch. Even Crumpler (who I thought was a decent influence on younger players) showed that he is no leader this year.

By the way, I hope that the changes that are coming with Bobby's resignation include some control over rediculous language and behavior at the games by the fans and security issues in the parking lots afterwards. Perhaps we could draw a better class of Falcons supporters if the roster is scrutinized and scrubbed in favor of players that can control themselves and portray a bit more class.

I'd rather see 0-16 seasons with hope for the future than a policy to stay the course with this group of whiny cry-baby whimps that are overpaid underproducers.

Bobby was never the problem.....time to look at the bench and upstairs in the executive's box.

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Hey, You never really know for sure what a job will be like until you're there.

Good for him that he was able to get away from all of the spoiled immature


Look at the game last night.They were more interested in projecting a certain image

about the Michael Vick situation instead of projecting a winning image on the field.

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Going back to Hall and Crumpler and all of their supporters, try looking at it for what it is. The NFL is a business.

Hall mouthing off to the coach = Employee yelling at boss in front of customers. He should not have been just fined he should have been cut. Period.

Crumpler blasting the boss's strategy in public, sorry but no business would stand for an employee like this. If his contract was so tight then he should have been benched, he hasn't done anything all season but drop the ball anyway.

I agree with the first poster. They should have showed up to play last night, not make stupid and embarrassing political statements.

Vick did the crime and now he is going to do the time, if they really care about him they would try to bring less attention to him so he can get through this and change his life around.

Someone on here also spoke out about the blond bimbos in Hollywood only having to serve 45 minutes for a 30 day sentence, well there is a big difference between state drunk driving charges and "FEDERAL" gambling charges. Let him take his punishment and then maybe when he gets out he can put things on track.

As far as Petrino's scheme not working, our current team really was never good enough or serious enough to implement it. Vick's running covered up just how poor the Falcons have always been.

Time to clean house.

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I've been a ticket holder for 30 years. Sorry, but Petrino never fit in here. He was too swarmy and showed no emotion. I prefer a coach who takes names and kicks #####..on tv on not. Give me the coach who is like John Madden was...lol...he took no $hit from anyone and the players respected him! We need someone like that if possible.

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I take issue with we need to draw a better "class of Falcons fans." I have not been to many Falcons games since I live out of town, but every game I have been to in town and out of town, the fans hav been supportive, not crazed like the Oakland or Philly or some other towns.

Yes, they are no different than the fairweather fans of the Hawks or Braves. When you say better "class" what do mean? The tone of your post would assume that our fans are a bunch of thugs like Vick and Hall. I do not think Vick was a thug. The guy was stupid and violated the law by dog fighting and was caught with pot (even though the case was dismissed), but was not a Pac-man Jones or T.O. or Chris Henry type of player. Hall wen to VT and Roddy WHite were friends and teammates of VIck, so it is expected they support him as do a large percentage of the fans. I supported him until this dogfighting thing and still would like to see him do good.

Petrino has zero character and has shown it here in Atl as well as he showed it where I live in Louisville. The guy will leave Arkansas when the right job opens up for him to take his show on road again. He is never satisfied with one job. Atlanta is a great job. THe owner is willing to pay you $5million to coach and Petrino had little coaching experience.

This comes after your owner just said on TV last night about how proud he is of Petrino and his ability to battle "adversity." THe very next day, the cowherd leaves.

As a Petrino fan, everything the U of L fans say is true. No character guy that you cannot trust.

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I agree, we need a kick a$$ coach. Cowher fits the bill but remember what happened in the one game where Mora got fired up and angry and started yelling? He got a swift kick in the rear from the front office the next day. If we get a coach thats fired up then the front office needs to be hands off.

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