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THE timing of Bobby Petrino resigning???

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Why did Bobby Petrino resign with 3 games left? I mean I know the team hasn't played worth a crap this season but why do you think he resigned without finishing the season?

I still think that he must have annouced it to the players at halftime in the monday night game because in the second half the Falcons players didn't seem to be trying to play football at all.

I don't know how you feel as a Falcons fan but I am sick of starting over and over and over to get a team that can win it all or at least more than 3 games and be in contention for something.

What do we do now?

Ok I am gonna try and take the bull by the horns so to speak and say what I think we should do for once :

First : Aquire a head coach that is GOOD and has the ballz to take on the job and will not take any crap from anyone. A hard nose coach that doesn't care about anything but winnning. Who that is "You tell me, I dunno" I just think that's the kinda coach the Falcons need.

Second : "Get rid of anybody who doesn't want to be here in Atlanta playing for the Falcons because if they don't want to be here or have shown they do not then they don't need to be playing for the Falcons period!!!!".

Third : " Start thinking seriousally about getting some player either by free agency if possible or the draft who could put people in the dome to watch the games again, a franchise player, maybe McFadden because people would show up to see him play, you might have to trade up to get him but I have to say "What would you lose?". If it brings in revanue for the Falcone then that has to be a good thing in getting better players.

Fourth : Whatever happens "It is what it is" deal with it and please voice your opinion loud on this site about what you think about all of this because if you don't things will never improve!!!!!

5'th : I just hope the Falcons don't ever become a team like the Yankees to where you pay a ridiculous amount of money to get players and don't win it all. Yeah I know some are gonna say that Michael Vick's pay was crazy but I am not talking about him, I am talking about the FUTURE for our Falcons!

We shall see what happens, I would like to hear your thoughts on how this whole situation should be handled, most post I have read are statements by people instead of ASKING what others think.


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vickmyman (12/11/2007)
My main question and I'm sure the news conference tomorrow will address it. "Who is going to coach the remaining games for the Falcons?":hehe:

You do have a good point and I am really shocked the way things have gone down. I have to ask that question too.

I guess what it all boils down to is he realized he just isn't the coach for the Job.

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First- I liked BP but it became apparent that he was over his head, We will not know what happen until the Press conf. Blank and McKay may have suggested he return to the College level if he was not up to the task. By him leaving early if will allow Zimmer and Hue a chance to show if they are ready to be a HC. Zimmer should get the chance to show his value and Hue will be calling the Plays. It cannot be any worst that it has been.

Second this season was lost due to the MV7 deal and at least we will get a good draft pick.

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oregonsfan (12/11/2007)
I don't think he said anything to the players at all (he seemingly wasn't fond of communicating with them at all).

Judging by the reports that are coming out, this has been in the works for at least several days...he just chose to lie about it when asked.

You may be right, I dunno, this is all new territory for us all. I am really looking forward to all the new things that are going to happen for the Falcons in the offseason and the upcomming draft, I don't want to speculate right now about who we should get but it is kinda a refreshing feeling so to speak for Bobby Petrino to say he's not the man for the job and basically admitt he was part of the problem by not at least finishing the season with the Falcons.

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