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My official apology: I am Sorry Hall, Crumpler, and Grady. You were right


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Clearly I was wrong. I'm sorry Crumpler, your play wasn't very good, but the offense looked like trash, and there are only so many excuses I can give to Petrino. Short of Roddy White, the offense looked like crap, and I understand it is not your fault, and you were right that Petrino could not handle this.

Hall, I said shut your mouth. You should still take that into consideration, but you were right when you opened it. I hope you show up these last 3 games, but I haven't seen you show up much this year when we weren't playing Carolina. The last time we played Carolina. I would hope you improve, and you can be an asset to this team. But you were right, Petrino is trash.

Grady, you didn't play in the defensive system, and you were basically run by Zimmer, and went for your stats, but you were right that Petrino is not cut out for the NFL.

I'm sorry, I was wrong to support our HC. He was trash, he was wrong, and he left in the worst way. I was wrong to think he was right. I'm sorry for how you guys have been mishandled by this coach, and by any fan that said you were wrong when you were clearly right. That is all, I'm sorry, and boy was I wrong.

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