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PFT: Reports Petrino "classless", McKay a "joke"


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Looks like Petrino told no one. Had a 10 second conversation with his coaches about him leaving. Disgusting. Here it is:

" POSTED 8:34 p.m. EST, December 11, 2007


Jay Glazer of FOXSports.com reports that former Falcons coach Bobby Petrino resigned without addressing the team.

Glazer also reports that Petrino held a brief (as in 10 seconds) meeting with his assistants.

"He just said to us, 'Guys I've resigned, I'm going to Arkansas. I'm sorry. I'll be talking with you guys in the future.' And with that he turned and walked out the door. We haven't been told anything else," one assistant coach told Glazer.

Several players called Petrino's handling of the situation "classless."

POSTED 8:29 p.m. EST, December 11, 2007


Not long ago, ESPN's Chris Mortensen reported that the Falcons incorporated significant protections into Bobby Petrino's contract to prevent him from fleeing for a college job.

If Mort's report in this regard is right, then the inference to be drawn is that the Falcons gave Petrino permission to walk away.

And it makes sense, in our view, for owner Arthur Blank to allow Petrino to leave. He was hired to turn Michael Vick into a real NFL quarterback. But Vick will spend the next year and a half in jail. So why not let Petrino go and hire a head coach who can come in and lead the franchise in a new direction?

The wild card in all of this is G.M. Rich McKay. Plenty of league insiders believe that McKay should be relieved of his duties in light of his chronic enabling of Blank's chronic enabling of Vick. If he is, Blank can make a run for someone like Bill Cowher, who would want full power over personnel -- and who would also want to bring his own G.M. to the team.

Or Blank could hire a new G.M., and allow him to hire his own head coach.

As one league source opined, "McKay is and has been a joke."

If McKay stays, however, things could get really interesting. McKay wanted to hire Marvin Lewis to be the coach of the Bucs after Tony Dungy was fired, and Lewis could be looking for a way out of Cincinnati.

Then there's Dungy. Maybe he'd welcome the ultimate challenge of leading the Falcons from the lowest lows to the highest highs.

Other potential consequences of the Petrino move? College coaches like Kirk Ferentz and Pete Carroll are suddenly less attractive.

Also, keep an eye on John Fox of the Panthers. If he is fired, the Falcons might be poised to swoop in and hire him. As a result, it could be that Fox just secured another year in Carolina. "

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The reason he didn't address the team was because today WAS AN OFF DAY FOR THE TEAM. There was no one there for him to address. DeAngleo Hall stated that in his interview in NFL Network.

Posting a PFT article means nothing here. The fact that Hall explained this eariler just further illustrates PFT's poor journalistic skills.

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Brookhaven (12/11/2007)
sporkdevil (12/11/2007)

Plenty of league insiders believe that McKay should be relieved of his duties in light of his chronic enabling of Blank's chronic enabling of Vick.


Fire the GM because he isn't keeping the owner in line? Do they know exactly who the boss is?

It's PFt.....That's all you need to know.
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there is no reason in the world that dungy should leave manning and a hand picked very successful defense behind for this heap. that is ********. i dont want marvin lewis. CIN is very avg. we need to hire a guy who is going to bring an nfl proven successful game plan to our offense or our defense. ie one of the leagues best OC's or DC's, like the affore mentioned garret, meeks, or martz. whichever side of the ball is his specialty, we need excellance. he just needs to be wise enough to hire an equal counterpart, not a greg knapp just because they are good buddies.

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