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If you were doing a play with the Falcons players right now for Christmas who would you put in what parts for the show?

Here's my take on it :

Ebenezer Scrooge : Michael Vick because he's paying for what he has done and is hoping for a better day.

Tiny Tim : Warrick Dunn, I could just see him saying "God bless us everyone".

Bob Cratchett : Arthur blank, really timid about putting another lump of coal to heat the fire and get things hot as far as flat out saying to begin with MICHAEL VICK WILL NEVER PLAY HERE AGAIN AS LONG AS I AM THE OWNER, skipping the subject and then dodging it and saying who knows if he's healthy we might.

Ghost of Christmas past : Probably Dan Reeves, he did take this team to a superbowl.

Ghost of Christmas present : Nope, not Bobby Petrino, it would have to be Rich Mckay because he makes the world go around as far as the Falcons go.

Ghost of Christmas Future : Who's to say, I can tell you it want be Bill Cowher because he's already said he's done with coaching football and wants to spend more time with his children and no amount of money will sway him from that conclusion.

The kid in the street taking the money to go buy the turkey : Jerious Norwood, they should have played him so much more and given him so many more opportunities that it isn't even funny, I mean if you know a christmas carol you'll know what I am talking about when I say "NORWOOD would have gotten that turkey back to scrooge in at least triple the time he was asked to do so!!!!!"....

The FALCONS FANS : Hopefully available in a directors cut DVD big screen movie production of A FALCONS CHRISTMAS CAROL available in HDTV NEXT SEASON.

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