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Big thick gal lovers stand up...


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I must admit in my younger days, with the right amount of alcoho in me. I have taken down a few pulling guards in my lifetime.........not a proud moment.

I am a skinny girl guy all the way, worse case scenario with them is they get bigger, worse case scenario with the bigguns, well...... richard simmons and a crane is pickeing em up outta bed............. through the bedroom wall....

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Heavy Petting Zoo (1996)

Hotdog In A Hallway

She'll have another piece of pie

She'll have a double reuben rye

She kicks hard at eating well

That's why I love her

She's got a couple of pony kegs

Her arms are bigger than my legs

And when she holds me I can't breathe

That's why I love her

I'm her butter she' my bread

She's like a mobile waterbed

And hwen I got on top of her

I can't touch the mattress

And when her flesh begins to sag

She's like a human sleeping bag

I feel so cozy safe and warm

She's my insulation

I always know where she sat

And when she's on me I get flat

Some broken ribs a punctured gut

That's why I love her

She's my phillie I'm her stud

Her bean is bigger than my pud

It's like feeding a tic-tac to a whale

That's why I love her

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