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The difference between Michael Vick and Bobby Petrino


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dirtybird82 (12/11/2007)
dirtybirdsdance (12/11/2007)
Vick is the man?

He is a idiot, and Petrino is a quitter!

Vick still looks better at the moment.

Petrino Knew since preseason that vick would not be here.

why not quit then ?

He believed all that offensive guru crap Atlanta fans were whispering in his ear.

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Mike Vick stood up and accepted his responsibilities. He took the hit and never bailed on his friends. He is willing to pay the price for his mistakes.


is blank pushed vick around in a wheelchair and expected petrino to carry the wheelchair as he put this crappy product on petrinos back, remember blank , not vick offered vick the contract

petrino is smart,he knows a loser when he sees it


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