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This decision was weeks in the making.

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In the video interview on ESPN John Clayton states that this decision was weeks in the making and that Petrino and his agent had been in talks with Blank about his wanting to get back into college football especially if it could be the S.E.C.

If this turns out to be true then Aurthur Blank has the best poker face on the planet considering all of the B.S. that he was saying durring the Monday night game while knowing that Bobby was more then likely gone.

It's pretty clear that the players didn't know just based on Ovie Mughelli's reaction on the radio tonight. He walked into a bar at 6:00pm est. only to see the ticker on the TV in a sports bar informing him that his coach had left the team. Something along the lines of, "I feel like my girlfriend just broke up with me via a text message." He was very clearly stunned. He also commented on how Petrino was telling the team that they couldn't quit and how they had to finish out the season as pros.

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That's what I've been saying. How could Petrino just walk away-did'nt he have a solid contract-blank had to have let him off the hook so to speak, He did'nt even finish the season for god's sake!!! And with the ykw drama yesterday, how could Blank add to that on monday nite FB, enough bad news for one day.

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