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Even through the darkest days..this fire burns always.

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to quote a song by killswitch engaged, look things are really bad...but after seeing what dhall said today..it kinda made me want to do this post.Trust me the true leaders of the team will emerge and this ship will be made whole again, and to the players and coaches that want to cry and moan and pack it in..the dont let the door ya ##### on the way out. Some how this is all going to work itself out..and yes this is the darkest era of falcons football we have ever seen or been apart of..but dont bail out on OUR team when it really needs us the fans the most....i bleed red and black and i refuse to not give a 120 percent support to my team, and if your a fan and you want to bail then again DONT LET THE DOOR HIT YOU ON THE ##### ON THE WAY OUT. GO FALCONS!!!!

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