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Im not one to say I told you so

James Staples

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Hello fellow fans, this is the former member jimn06. During the beggining of the season when everyone was calling for the head of DHall and Crumpler I made several bold statements saying things like: why are we so quick to support this new coach who we barely know and who has already shown his disloyalty by leaving louisville after signing a big extension and turn on our star players who have been here the past few years never being locker room distractions and being active in the community.

i just wanted to say that for all those who were so disillusionally in love with the "offensive guru" bobby petrino that if yall had gotten your way then and we cut dhall, crumpler, and every other player who saw the snake in this guy because they knew him better than we did, we would really be kicking ourselves in the butt right now. at least we still have some talent on this roster so a real NFL coach can come in and show us how to win. forget about the past, this team has talent, we are a healthy/improved oline and quarterback away from contending for titles. at least petrino was able to admit he was in over his head and leave...lol!

hopefully this can teach us a lesson. we dont have to be brainwshed people, just because the media feeds us these P.C statements everyday does not mean that they are true. lets start to use better judgement in our evaluation of this organization before we continue to jump down the throats of the arrogant black players on this team in support of the wishy washy flop head coach. luv yall.

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i think petrino just did, he gave us all a break!

im sorry, im usually not this obnoxious but i was really passionate about the way we turned on our players for this guy who hasnt even proven himself. im just so glad we didnt sell the farm to rebuild for his system that he wouldnt even be here to install.

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