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The Falcons need to get rid of every thug on this team and give Bill Cowher 8 million a year to come here.


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If you didn't make a racist comment, you wouldn't be soo defensive. Thugs/Rednecks can you try to hide your card a little better. It pisses me off that you ignorant people want to be the first to start calling names when you don't get your way and when you're called on it you pretend to be sooooo pure and try to turn the table on the person that called you out, whatever. So Petrino quit he was the wrong man for the job from the beginning, we have no coach, we have no quarterback, we have no offensive line we just don't have a team. I've been a falcon fan sincethe 70's and have had season tickets for over 14 years, do you not remember the really bad team and coach and quarterback?? Chris Chandelier but that was ok since he was married to the owners daughter. You people crack me up with your self rightous bullsh*t and undercover or not under cover racism. If almighty Georgia did not have one black player on the team where would you be.............you couldn't compete. Let's see how many of you will loose your mind when GA looses to HI.

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Crumpler is a good man..nothing thug like about him. We are not black, but we have had 83 Crumpler shirts for over 3 years..even when Vick was the "honored" player...it's been Crump for us! And there is not a truer humanitarian and good guy that Warrick Dunn.

And that's from a 50 year old white grandmother! Color has nothing to do with one's actions and integrity.

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My 2 cents on this topic.

DeAngelo Hall has been a good citizen his entire career, up until this year. Sure he held out, and there have been a number of times when he's run his mouth when he shouldn't have. I cannot dispute either that where he goes, controversy follows. That being said, a good Coach, an NFL Coach will be able to reign him in, and teach him to focus his energy into his on field play.

You can say you're tired of the headaches, but would you rather see DeAngelo Hall get traded to another team and turn into the quality pro he is by all signs turning into, or would you rather see the Falcons pull the coup of a lifetime and bring a man in here who commands respect professionally. That's the only way which we will see a return on our investment into Hall.

It is possible that Hall lets his head get in the way of his career, but we have him for fairly cheap for two years, so if he becomes detrimental next season, action can be taken while still getting some degree of value in return.

Petrino's unprofessional behavior sent ripples through the fabric of this team, effecting everyone on it. Going back to DeAngelo's "sins" against football, Petrino should have pulled him over to the sideline after penalty #2, and settled him down. That, however, presupposes that there was a functional relationship between a huge asset to the team and his head coach. Bobby Petrino was paid an extraordinary sum to come in here and run a football team. That requires maintaining a working relationship with your labor. Labor being essential to production in this case.

Which brings me to another point. "Shut up and play!" I hear this all the time. No players, no football. Deal with it.


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By this definition, Many players would be called Thugs. I guess Dan Marino is a thug, i watched him have many blowups during his career. Brett Farve threatens to retire every year unless things get better. Was **** Butkus a thug? Tom Brady's a thug too. look how he was jawing at the Steelers. Tough guys play football!

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Yes, let's get rid of all our talented players because people don't know what a real THUG is... Exactly.

You are an idiot. How is Hall a thug? Because he talks a lot? Hardly a thug. You don't even know what a thug is, so why would you want to get rid of it?

Humble? **** no. I want the best talent, THE BEST. The new league is about flash and arrogance, and I don't care. Bring in the Terrell Owens' and Ray Lewis' NOT the Wes Welkers' of the world. Bring in talent!

I want to win, not be lovable losers. I don't care if NOONE respects the Falcons, they'll **** sure remember us when we hoist the Lombardi Trophy! But we cannot do that if we avoid all talent because idiots call them "thugs".

I'm so sick of people trying to trade off all our talent.

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southga08 (12/11/2007)
dirtybird82 (12/11/2007)
sure get rid of every thug?

The Bengals wouldn't have a team,

Wish some one would have said this in the early 90's

The Cowboys wouldn't have won any superbowls

How is that working out for the Bengals this year?

How many NFC titles has it won the Falcons?

How many back to back winning seasons has it won the Falcons?

Emmitt Smith and Troy Aikman were the core of that team and they were far from thugs. The only idiots on that team were Irvin and Leon Lett. I am pretty sure they could have won a Super Bowl without them. Maybe not three, but at least one. And one is more than the Falcons have.

Then go cheer for the Cowboys.
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