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The Falcons need to get rid of every thug on this team and give Bill Cowher 8 million a year to come here.


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I was pissed at Petrino when I first heard about it, but after thinking about it for a while I can't blame him for not wanting his name associated with this thug ##### excuse for a team.

Trade Hall, get rid of Crumpler. Anybody else that wants to be a ##### get rid of them too. I have been a Falcons fan all my life and I am tired of having to deal with all this drama.

We got some great talented players on this team that are humble and don't cause trouble on or off the field. Milloy, Abraham, Boley, Norwood, Brooking, all the rookies, just to name a few. If I was an owner I wouldn't tolerate this crap no more. Rebuild this team with a solid foundation.

If Cowher won't come here for all the money in the world, then see if we can hire Cowher Jr., aka Russ Grimm to come here.

If you agree on getting rid of these idiots through trades and cuts, and want Cowher or Grimm to come here, please bump.

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**21*Brooklyn Skull*21** (12/11/2007)
The reason DeAngelo Hall was acting up, was because of Bobby Petrino. DeAngelo Hall was obviously right, and he is staying. And Blank likes Hall, he is not going anywhere.

Hall was acting up because he is a freaking idiot. I have taken up for Hall and Vick and all the rest of them on the team up until now. These guys are not men. I want a team full of MEN who are true professionals and take there of their business on and off the field. And if you think Petrino was mean to them, wait till you see what happens if the Falcons got somebody like Cowher or Grimm. They would probably punch his little thug ##### in the face.

It is time for the Falcons to start over, and they need to do that by getting rid of these athletes that are idiots. They need to get rid of the Falcon Filter and start a new one called the thug ##### idiot filter. Hall is a super talent and one of the top corners in the league, but as an owner, coach, or player you don't want somebody in the locker room like him. They were just getting exposed this year by a coach who didn't give a ##### by what they think. Time to get players who are accountable and get rid of the ones who are only worried about themselves.

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I hate how someone always brings up the race card on this board.

For future reference (Thugs & Rednecks = The Same exact thing. Worthless trash that will never amount to anything in this society. Trouble makers and nothing more.)

Sorry, but the only people who throw out the race card anymore are racists themselves.

We are all human, play nice and stop getting so offended.

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falconsstomp (12/11/2007)
the only thang i agree with about this post is bringing in cowher..in regards to you calling people thugs, that was even necessary..just because a man stands up and talks back makes him a thug??or is this only about black people..

It is called insubordination. It will get you fired from any job in the world. I could care less about race. Why the **** is race is being brought up? It is about the drama fest that has become the Falcons that last 2-3 years. I have been a huge Vick supporter. Up until the end. I think he had the talent to be a HOF player. But this post is about accountabilty, professionalism, and being a man. I am tired of having to deal this crap, and I am ready for the only posts on these boards to be about football, instead of what one of these idiots that get paid millions of dollars do to embarrass the city of Atlanta and the state of Georgia on and off the field.

There is a way to disagree with something and somebody over a topic. Several of the players on the Falcons team obviously do not know how.

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Did you hear DeAngelo Hall's interview? I heard a leader, and a MAN who wont turn on his team. He wants to be a Falcon, and told Blank that he will do everything in his power to bring this team back. DeAngelo Hall never had a problem like what he had earlier this year, until Petrino came to the picture, and if he did, it never got so serious to the point of trade talks. Aren't you a "Senior Falcon"????

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dirtybird82 (12/11/2007)
sure get rid of every thug?

The Bengals wouldn't have a team,

Wish some one would have said this in the early 90's

The Cowboys wouldn't have won any superbowls

How is that working out for the Bengals this year?

How many NFC titles has it won the Falcons?

How many back to back winning seasons has it won the Falcons?

Emmitt Smith and Troy Aikman were the core of that team and they were far from thugs. The only idiots on that team were Irvin and Leon Lett. I am pretty sure they could have won a Super Bowl without them. Maybe not three, but at least one. And one is more than the Falcons have.

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vickmyman (12/11/2007)
Add Roddy White to the list. Everytime he was on camera, he lifted up his shirt to reveal a white tee shirt that he wrote in marker:

'FREE MIKE VICK'...how tacky and tasteless on Monday night football.

Plus he's over rated anyway.

vickmyman (12/11/2007)
Not a racist thing. Crumpler, Dunn, D. Hall, Michael Jenkins..all great guys. But there are some others who are thug-like and they show it on the field!!

dunn can go and i hate to say this but crump is getting pretty old so id let him go too but

D. Hall is imho the BEST defensive player we have and roddy white is showing that he can be the true #1 receiver we brought him in here to be. and im not going to give up on michael jenkins unless he keeps this up next season.

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F....all that sensitivity b.s. You tell me one thing that makes algernon crumpler, or deangelo hall a thug. please tell me. neither one has been in any trouble with the law, neither one has tested positive for weed, neither has done anything that constitutes the label thug. the fact that "thug" is the only word people of society has for an arrogant athlete shows your ignorance. you know what, youre such a man that you can come on a message board and trash talk about these 'thugs" i dare you to speak these feelings to their face. what sense does it make for us to hear your message.

As a 20 yr old black male that listens to hip hop im am sick of people in society who do not take the time to get to know us before they label us thugs. i was born and raised in the suburbs,i love hip hop, but i dont own a single peice of "bling bling", i dont sag my pants, i speak in a southern dialect but i dont sound ignorant when i talk, i treat women with the utmost respect and you know what, when i go to my college classes at the hbcu i attend, i see about 90% of the population of black males who are just like me.

so before spread your bigot views on other people, i suggest you do you research. heres step one:

mike vick does not represent all black men....... think on that for a while.

you honestly think alge crumpler is a thug. thats ridiculus. if anyone wants to see real "thugs" and tell them about themselves, go to the west side of atlanta, and if you make it out, tell us all about it.

its easy to talk about being a man behind your computer screen, huh?

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