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We should go with a skill positon with our first selection for several reasons:

1) Blank has already said we will be extremely active in free agency. We can almost be assured he means we are going to find some good offensive linemen. With the players like Alan Faneca, Max Starks, Ryan Lilja, Flozell Adams, and Jordan Gross in the market, we can partially fulfill our needs along the offensive line assuming we sign at least one. At the point, we will have a good, veteran free agent, along with Justin Blaylock, Todd McClure, Renardo Foster, Tyson Clabo, and Todd Weiner.

2) With these decent offensive linemen, there is no need to go offensive line with our first pick when there is so much depth at OT and OG in this draft class. Players at tackle like Gosder Cherilus, Tony Hills, Sam Baker, Jeff Otah, Chris Williams, and Barry Richardson will likely be available in the second round, while players at guard like Roy Schuening, Oniel Cousins, Andrew Crummey, and Kerry Brown will also be available into the second. With this much depth, and assuming a quality player like McFadden or Brohm is on the still on the board, we should go with one of those, my preference being McFadden.

3) Brohm and McFadden can have a much greater impact. Look at the impact Adrian Peterson had on Minnesota this year. Although some say McFadden does not compare to Peterson, don't overlook the fact that McFadden plays in the SEC, by far the toughest conference in collegiate football. Brohm can provide continuity and a threat at quarterback. Just look at former first rounders like Carson Palmer and Peyton Manning. I also say Brohm instead of Matt Ryan or Andre Woodson because of Brohm's success on a mediocre team, as well as great statistics and personality. Ryan does not want to be here and Woodson has some technique issues like a slow release.

4) Keep in mind I am not disregarding the importance of winning in the trenches. If we don't improve our offensive line this year, next year will likely be a repeat of this year. If we get a QB or RB in free agency (like Derek Anderson, Brady Quinn or Michael Turner, Marion Barber, or Justin Fargas), I am perfectly fine with going with an offensive lineman with our first pick (although I would still prefer drafting a QB versus aquiring one through free agency or a trade). But if we do not get positions like QB and RB filled prior to the draft, I am saying since there is so much depth and no great drop-off of talent between offensive linemen, we should focus on a position that can make us more explosive, sell tickets, and re-start a faltering franchise.

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