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Louisville to ConVicks to Pig slop

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I came on this board after Pinnochio jilted the ville for you ConVicks and was labeled an emotional and irrational COLLEGE sports fan. READ your board and the comments about good ole Bobby. You all are FAR worse than we Card fans EVER were. NO CLASS and you got what you deserve.

Now you have no Vick, no veterans, no head coach and a slightly racist owner. And your head coach just took a pay cut to get the F out in the middle of the season. At least he waited until after the Orange Bowl with us.

The worst slam of all is that things were so bad and that he hated it there so much that he left ATLANTA for a freaking a pig farm. ARKANSAS!!! My lord how far have the Falcons sunk.


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girlwithball (12/11/2007)
Nice to see a smiling face in a sea of frustration ;)

If referring to me not really. I think BP is scum after the way he crawled away form Louisville and now this joke of a move. I just think all the IDIOT Falcons Fans that bashed me for calling BP Pinnochio the days after he left us should be reminded that I TOLD YA SO.

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You know we dont really care about your opinion. Also, last time we checked Georgia was going to the Sugar Bowl. How are the Cards doing? If Petrino is no more a man than this we don't want him. The Falcons got hosed from the beginning by Vick's stupid decisions in life. Petrino leaving doesn't add to our problems really. This team was built around one person and without him it was even more apparent. Our GM has done a poor job imo and I'm not too sure we will be any better off in the near future. To come here and bad mouth us because you are a bitter college fan is just plain stupid. Go troll elsewhere you bitter little man.

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I came here with good intentions last year and you all bashed me and my alma mater. Troll? I am and was never any worse than your fans on this site.

I TOLD YOU THEN what you were getting. A good coach with no character. As for the Georgia Bulldogs? Who gives a shiiii. Orange Bowl? Sugar Bowl? Tire Bowl? None of them matter but the NC.

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