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Marty Time and then some


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Falcons fan since 1981 here and wanted to comment on the revolving door of coaches as it keeps on going. With more lows than highs, this latest coach was doomed to fail because he was brought in for one player. How about bringing in a coach with a proven, winning record like Marty Schotenheimer (sp?). He makes consistently good bad teams winners, even if they only reach the first round of the playoffs.

If not Marty, then I do like the Singletary option. My only concern is in the assistant coaches he will bring with him. Singletary has character and was always well respected which is what the team needs.

If we can get away from the "flashy" players like Vick, and go after solid, reputable, and dedicated players like L.T. (who we should have picked over Vick), we can make it far with a QB drafted in the 3rd or 4th round. Please oh please, don't let Jerry Glanville help with our draft selection this year. Just say no to Bruce Pickens.:D

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Yeah Singletary is good, but I just read an article by Troy Aikman in the Sporting News about Dallas coach Jason Garrett. I would like to see him as a possible candidate as well. And as I have always said, I would love to see Ronnie Lott coach the Falcons!!!!!:w00t:

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