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let's move on

PAT in Japan

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and the catagories are:

a head coach who is already a head coach:

rule out Bill Belichick or anyone else who is winning;

the best of those not winning would be Wisenhunt.

Missed any chance at him last year this time.

catagory probability = less than 1%

a former head coach working as an assistant:

Mike Sherman with the TEXANs used to be

head man with the Packers. oooops,

he's gone back to the college ranks

just days ago. Anybody else see

anybody else in this catagory?

next catagory; a college guy:

Don't we all have a bad taste in our mouths

from that? But, if it goes in that direction,

AVOID Spurrier AT ALL COSTS. Even though

I like him personally, what he did at Washington

should eliminate him for future NFL consideration

(And, the same goes for Patrino).

next; NFL assistants:

well now, who am I to disagree with all

those who have already endorsed Mike Singletary.

Ain't it a shame this catagory looks so limited?

finally, assistants already on-board:

the two co-ordinators are great ... in their

present roles. I don't thionk that if one is chosen

as interim head coach it would eliminate the other.

I hope neither gets the head job, and both keep

the co-ordinator jobs.

It would be truly unusual, but if McKay and Blank

were to shop around for their head man rather than move

as fast as I want, faster than they did last year, they should

let Zimmer and Jackson in on the selection process.

Poor, poor BLANK. This is the kind of bad luck

that allows us to call a rich man 'poor.' Just bad luck!

Would he sell if he could? Everybody else around this

organization is turning out to be someone other

then who we thought they were

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