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lee337 (12/11/2007)
I dont think Blank would have made the comments on national TV last night stating the confidence he had in him if he knew Petrino wanted out.

ESPN is making Blank look pretty bad. They keep showing his interview Monday night about having more confidence in Petrino now than before because how he deals with adversity.

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hawkeyes (12/11/2007)
Blank new it, I believe he lied to the nation on TV last night. He new Petrino didnt want to be here any longer. Lying is what everyone bashed Vick for doing to Mr. Blank. Ironic huh. Atleast Vick was doing it to keep from going to prison.
My thoughts exactly!! I can't believe Blank did'nt know. He just put on the show-enough bad news for one day. How can Petrino legally just walk away from a contract???
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