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Who would want this job? Do you honestly think Bill Cowher would want to be associated with this franchise? Maybe Artie could have a chat with Jim Mora when he comes to town on 12/30. That's the caliber of coach the Falcons can expect to get. Not somebody that's actually been successful coaching at the pro level.

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It was reported that Blank likes his coaching hires with a little "sizzle" so I don't know what he's going to do.

But after this major burn, common sense would dictate that he find a coach that definite NFL experience in order to right this burning ship of a franchise.

I hope to God he uses common sense this time.

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paul_k (12/11/2007)
I hope they hire Mike Martz. He would be the shot in the arm our offense needs.

Forget Cowher, he'd tear up our already talented defense and replace it with 3-4 defenders.

I dont want Martz either...he'll be lilke petrino. he has no idea that to succeed you need to run the ball well in the NFL.

I would take Mora back before Martz...

Interesting point on Cowher but idk if change is really a bad thing.

Marty seems like an ideal seasoned coach. He knows to run it (LT for pete's sake!) and utilitze running backs. His teams always play good D as well.

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Everybody just assumes the Falcons will hire a proven, long-time head coach, but why would a proven winner want to take over this mess with seemingly very dark prospects?

The Falcons will not be able to pick and choose from whomever they like. My bet is that Zimmer is the head coach next season. Which does not have to be a bad thing by any means.

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alex11 (12/11/2007)
No way will they take another risk on a young up and comer.

Or an unproven head coach.


Good post....They can't possibly hire anyone with no proven experience in the NFL...I think Blank will make the right move and hire someone who has shown he can get it done in this league...

Also, I think that we will make some moves in free agency this off-season that will help our team...I think that the QB position will be filled by a FA QB, and we take a RUN DMc or Jake Long in the draft

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