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I would like to have Deon Sanders as the head coach of our Atlanta Falcons. The number of young and old players that Deon would attrack simply because of who is is would be huge. Michael Vick was/is the heart of our franchise, and when you remove an animals heart it dies. Our stadium is as empty as our head coaches spot and we have to quickly change that. Atlanta has made bad decisions as along with the lose of Michael, primarily cutting Grady Jackson. Now the middle is so open you can send a turtle through there with getting touched. I like Abraham and Coleman (Aderson hasn't shown me much yet) but others would come out to play for Deon. Get the best offenseive and defense coordinators you can and tell Rich McKay to hire and keep the best players and next year can be as exciting as our recent past. (Oh yea and if Michael wants the job when he gets out his fans would welcome him with open arms. Forget the quaterback for a minute Michael Vick is a man and most of us still have his back and support him.)

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