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D. Hall on NFL Total Access


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Hall is sounding like a definite leader on this team.

Nothing bad about Petrino. Said that he sounded weird last night after the game saying he's "never been a part of anything like this."

Said that he was shocked (as were other plays he had talked to like Dunn, Jenkins, and Roddy) and that he thought Petrino would fight alongside him because they both loved to win. Said that Petrino didn't ask for the Mike Vick situation or the injuries and that the players really do want to win badly.

Also reiterated what he said on the Put Up Your Dukes that Petrino HAD changed and had turned the corner despite lacking communication earlier in the year.

And my favorite part, not really an exact quote but:

Hall said he spoke to Arthur Blank an hour and a half ago and told him he's in it for the long haul and even though they lost Petrino he's dedicated to this franchise and "we WILL win." Said there are too many good fans in Atlanta to continue like this and repeated that the Falcons "WILL WIN."

Talked a lot about how he wanted to stay with the franchise if they'll have him.

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