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Arthur Blank It Is Time For You To Step Up!!!!


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You have kissed the ***** of Vick, Petrino, and McKay. You have been kicked in the teeth after numerous incidents. You either hire the right people or sell this team. It makes you look stupid, it makes us fans look stupid. You helped run Home Depot, but you can't run a team successfully. I am sick and tired of this daily mess. Get us a GM and a tough coach and get rid of the dead wood on the Atlanta Falcons. If you're going to sneak down to the field each week, chew some ***** how about it??? Get that Snotty White ##### who wears a FREE VICK shirt and explain to him that his success was with Harrington throwing to him. Oh, by the way, Vick admitted to a FELONY, lying to everyone, and other items that I just don't feel like typing. Roddy White, tell you son that they should free Michael Vick even though he admitted to these things. You are lucky we didn't cut your butt last year when you couldn't catch a cold. And MeAngelo can get on the bus with you and get the **** out of here. Get this ship fixed Arthur because as far as I am concerned, you have failed miserably.

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