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I would love this. I posted hire Singletary in another thread.

I could care less that he's black. He's everything Petrino isn't: A man with character, intensity, great football smarts and would probably have a good rapport with the players because he's been in the trenches.

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with Blanks off remark comments and the team needing a leader as a head coach who better then a Hall of Famer...Our defense would no longer take punches in the mouth and fold..

I understand our offense is in shambles but we need to bring in a OC that is willing to open up the offense

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Singletary staying with 49ers is the first good sign for Nolan in a while

By Tim Kawakami

Friday, November 23rd, 2007 at 12:14 pm in 49ers, NFL.

Started feeling bad for Mike Nolan earlier this week. As you probably know, my brain does not contain much pity percentage for well-funded pro coaches, but still&

He s getting hit on all sides the Nolan-ites clearly did not see the Denise DeBartolo York thing coming at all and maybe Nolan is just now realizing why this franchise was so low that they had to stoop to giving him all the power three years ago.

Nolan isn t helping his cause any, particularly with the ridiculous and Nolan-fueled Alex Smith feud and the whole Jim Hostler Experience, of course.

But nobody deserves or is ever fully prepared to get broad-sided by a York, and Nolan just got it for the first time this week.

That s why Nolan talking about the possible departure of his closest ally, Mike Singletary, seemed so poignant on Wednesday. As I ve typed elsewhere, if Singletary leaves the Nolan-ite fold& man, who d really be left standing with Their Man?

But, for various reasons, Singletary withdrew his name from consideration for the Baylor job this week.

Maybe it was just a chemistry thing with the Baylor AD. Maybe Singletary doesn t want to jump to a dead-end job this early in his coaching career.

Maybe it had nothing to do with Singletary deciding to stand by Nolan s side through the worst times of 49er/DeBartolo York-palooza.

But I think if Singletary knew for sure that bad times were coming if he was sure that Nolan was a goner, either voluntarily or not then Singletary wouldn t have been so picky about the Baylor opportunity.

I think Singletary wants to stick it out with his mentor, Nolan, and see what happens in January when the Yorks come ready to make changes.

I think Singletary wants to see what his NFL chances are, and he knows it s much better for him if he and Nolan can get it turned around with the 49ers however unlikely that prospect looks today.

And I think it speaks well for Nolan that his closest coaching friend decided not to jump ship, even for his alma mater.

I know, even if Singletary stuck around through this season and then left for Baylor permanently in January, Nolan would ve started to feel very, very lonely at 4949 Centennial Blvd.

I don t usually wish only pleasant things for a possibly-doomed NFL coach, and I don t think much of this changes the shaky future for Nolan.

I think Nolan has done plenty to seal his own doom and has a little window in the remaining 6 games to save himself, too.

He has to fix the QB situation, no matter what. And the off-coor, obviously.

But it s good that Singletary didn t bolt for a questionable Baylor gig.

I don t think Baylor was the right job for him& and when Singletary s buddy is fending off the Yorks, even if his buddy isn t doing a great job, even if I think the Nolan-ites are just now figuring out that hubris and discipline only get you so far in the NFL&

It s good to see Singletary hanging in there on the Ship of Nolan. For however long they can keep it from sinking all the way to the sea floor.

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Mojo Risin (12/11/2007)
"We'll just pick up an up and coming OC"

OMGZ, why didn't we think of that before. Someone tell the other teams in the NFl that's all they have to do. I hear there is a South Georgia farm that grows up and coming OC's with no pesticides.:w00t:


You should get what I mean...NO OC is going to leave there OC job to come here unless Blank throws a boat load of money...Singletary should pick a cordinator he believes will be a up and coming ..Its that simple..It might work it might not..Just cause we hire a defensive head coach doesnt mean we will be focused only on defense..The Colts hired a defensive head coach and Dungy with a offensive minded team

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