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Petrino called Blank on the cell phone to tell him that he was resigning


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He phoned it in.

He just cleaned out his office and didn't tell any one.... not players... not coaches... no one knew, and now he's on a plane headed to Arkansas.

Falls right in line with his character and how he treats people. His interpersonal communication skills SUCK, to say the very LEAST!

I didn't "like" the guy from day one, but I was putting those personal feelings aside in hopes that he could be a good head coach for us.

Man, I should just listen to my instincts.

People show you who they are. You just have to see it.

What a jerk!


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WhenFalconsWin (12/11/2007)
freakyfalcon (12/11/2007)
Wow he couldnt even face the man and tell him that he was resigning. Thats something scandalous women do.

What a freaking wuss! And I've been defending the bastid!

Yeah me too.I had a sig with him in it that said the future is now..

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statz (12/11/2007)
Demetrius Dew (12/11/2007)
List of People never to step foot in Atlanta again:

Add Bobby Petrino name to that list.

Petrino will be back in the Dome in a couple of years....

True. Bobbi Pee will probably buy a couple of tickets to see UGA open a can of woop azz on LSU in the SEC championship game, right here in the dome...

Playing for the SEC championship.

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I was in his corner due to the turbelant off season and I thought he got kind a screwed. Now I think he is classless, selfish human and a no good quitter, worse than Saban. You cannot blame Blank or Mckay. Petrino was brought in to coach an offense qb'ed by Vick not to re-build. No doubt petrino has proved he does not the spine or the gonads to accomplish this. I say good riddance. To Blank I say hire singletary, schottenheimer, jarret, or cowher.

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