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OK who will be the QB for the Tampa Bay Game??


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Redman is Great in the Fourth Quarter down by 12+ points he has gone 20-33 235-yards 3-TD 0-INT and thats in a little less than a half with the team scoring 20 points. This is due to how the other teams defense is set up to protect against losing the lead.

When whithin 1 TD in the 4th and the other quarters his passing % and yards are similar (20-32 244-yards) but he only has 1-TD and 2-INT and the team has only scored 7 points.

Just going off the Saints game for Redman, another good number performance by a Falcons QB with no points scored.

I would say Leftwich should start but that didn't work out to well against the Bucs last time, he played the worst game by far of his carreer. Leftwich should have started last night. He scored on 3 of his 6 possessions (that he finished, hurt on the #7 kneeling possession deos not count) went 15-22 145-yards 1-TD 0-INT (Redman was 13-22 199 yards 1-TD 0-INT in the first half but scored on 1 of 6 possessions). Leftwich should be given another chance just maybe not the Bucs game. He has had 2 chances to start he played great on the first and played the worst game of his carreer on the other.

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