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RODDY NATION (12/11/2007)

Suffer what? Looking at that picture of a team that has been shown as a proven cheater and should have an "*" by their undefeated status?????

Not to mention their #4 pick in the draft they have and please "correct me if I am wrong about that number that they traded for", SHOULD HAVE been taken instead of a later round pick because of their cheating. Patriot Gate "Who's to say the previous superbowls weren't won in the same manner or that is by CHEATING".

So what are you saying "Suffer from the cheaters or what?".

This is our FALCONS team and whatever or whoever is with this team I will support our Falcons. You suffer from dillusion and get a grip man! You are losing it, snap out of it!

Don't be surprised if Miami doesn't pull another upset like they did against the bears a few seasons ago when they were undefeated. Errogant teams like the Patriots will get cornered sooner or later and lose. This is the NFL and there are reasons it's an exclusive club for every member "THEY BELONG regardless of what team they play for or their record is" and yes I am referring to the Falcons also. Petrino or not this team is gonna be ok.

Petrino gone "Yeah I supported him as I would any Falcons coach", but hey if he doesn't want to coach here then GOOD RIDDANCE!

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