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How do you all huggers feel now about DeAngelo Crump and Dunn?

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dirtybirdsdance (12/11/2007)
relooking at the Hall issue, but Alge i not so sure of, he is becoming a press whore who likes to down his coaches whenever it suits him.....

Coach...not coaches. I don't recall Crump ever taking a shot at any of our former coaches.

Just admit it...they were right about Petrino, ESPECIALLY D-Hall.

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I've been done with Dunn and Crumpler a WHILE now.

Crumpler's success is a product of MV's shortcommings as QB. Vick couldn't anticipate so he threw to the guy that was wide open.. TE's are open when LB's and Safeties are in containment and spy. Of course anybody can get running yards in a zoneblocking offense with a fast QB. Norwood has been outrunning Dunn for 2 years now.

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