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Good Riddance Pastinko!

Wild Bill

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Id love for Cowher to come here

well have some $ to play with thru the draft & FA build this o-line back up, draft McFadden, also draft Dennis Dixon in the 3rd round & let him sit for & learn for a couple yrs..

because there's a QB in Philly that would be avail for the right price & if we can get Cowher he would come here & Cowher would love to coach him I can guarantee you that..

get to work Arthur, lets fix this mess once & for all

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A contract (promise) means nothing to the man (Just like Louisville). He has low character; therefore, he deserved, and got, not one iota of respect from the team. Hello 3-10. Pastinko is just a money grubbing attention whore, who is off to screw Arkansas.... Pastinko is a genius, alright....

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