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coach P is a Coward!

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I agree. Freaking quitter. Just bail when it gets tough, Petrino. Freaking quitter. Geeezzzzz....

You're starting fullback is on the radio right now saying he has heard word ZERO about this from you. What a joke. Just leave and don't tell anyone. Chicken s***.

Well, it hurt when Vick was indicted. This makes me want to punch somebody. Particularly a certain ex-coach from Louisville.

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canesftballfan16 (12/11/2007)
i was one of his bigges fans. i hope he sinks where he goes. worthless piece of crap

Amen. This guy never had the character or intestinal fortitude to take us anywhere anyway. He'll screw Arkansas over the first chance he gets.......

Good riddance Petrino. Don't let the door hit you in the azz.

Now maybe we can get a real coach.....

I hope they take a long hard look at Hue Jackson........

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