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Vick should be released from prison immediately!


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This proves that this entire dog fighting thing is racially motivated. Judge Hudson may have already ordered Vicks release and its probably only a matter of time before he's back in a Falcon uniform and we finish the season on a 4 game winning streak.

I ate lunch at KFC today and there were 40 people in the restaurant. I counted 25 whites and 20 blacks and they were all in agreement that only blacks eat fried chicken and fries.

In fact, its a well known fact that one of Arthur Blank's great grandchildren eats hot wings at least twice a week.

Its all becoming clear to me now. The only reason Blank was pushing Vick around in a wheelchair is because he was looking for a cliff to push him over. He also knew that if he gave Vick enough money to start a dog fighting business he'd do it, and he did. Thats the only reason Blank gave Vick a contract worth 130 million.

This has to stop! I'm calling Jessie James and Al Bundy.

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