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Mock Draft 2008


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1-QB-brian brohm

2-RB-ray rice or jonathan stewert

2-LT-cherilous, greco, or chris williams

3-nickel back (sanders is not capable in that role, could be given a chance at FS)

after day one see who is left and make game plan accordingly.









clearly we cannot address all of these needs with the 5 remaining picks, we just need to make them all count. reeves generally started pi$$ing them away from rd 2 on. some years he started even earlier. mckay seems to make good use of 1-5 every year. this year he used rds 6 and 7 way better than in the past. hopefully that is a new trend that will continue.

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I think that some of these sites need to actually watch this team play. I know QB is a big need, but Redman did really well last night despite the crappy offensive line play. Offensive line is almost just a big of a need. Long has more value then Brohm where we are currently picking. Whoever we draft at QB is going to sit. Why net let us find an upgrade that will see playing time and make an immediate impact.

I have been against Brennan in the past, but if he has a good Sugar bowl game, and plays well in the Senior bowl, I would be all for a draft that looks like this:

Round 1: Jake Long-LT/Michigan

Round 2a: Colt Brennan-QB/Hawaii

Round 2b: Johnathan Goff-ILB/Vanderbilt

Round 3a: Dre Moore-DT/Maryland

Round 3b: Jordan Grimes-OG/Purdue (compensation pick from Kerney)

That would be a great first day. Long could come in and start, So could Goff. Moore would be superb depth and could fill in an NT or UT. He would also be insurance just in case Coleman or Lewis do not heal up alright. Grimes could come in and play behind whatever OG we lock up in FA, ( assuming we lose out on Faneca and sign someone like Floyed Womack) He could make great depth and then hopefully be promoted in a year.

I would be ecstatic if we pulled off that first day. Then we would simply have to find a new possession WR (Jenkins needs to go), a younger SS to compete with Daren Stone, and maybe a new bigger center to compete with Datish and McClure for a roster/starting spot.

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