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I don't think so. I really think we will see a competitive team next season. I would not be too surprised if they make the playoffs in 2008.


wishing you are right but believing your 99.99% wrong, as i believe they dont have enough talent or $$$$$$$$$$ to get the talent in that short of a time span

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consistentfalcon (12/11/2007)


Lord is that your cat??

yes,hes about 2 yrs. old

He's pretty, how much does he weigh?


about 11 lbs, to my understanding his momma has litters of 2 cats per litter and they have very unusual but pretty markings, In fact she just had a litter about 5 months ago and a lady i work with took one of the kittens (a female)that has very similar markings as this one. She said that the kitten was huge, i assuming it will be bigger than the one i have

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