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i saw this on PFT.....and i know alot of you guys say this or that about PFT.....but i believe it 100%.....D-hall is a talent....but its no way we can have a winning team with a guy who is suppose to be a leader....showing the young guys this type of attitude towards not only the coach....but towards his me first attitude......People say chad johnson is a me first attitude.....dude would do anything for his team......D-Hall wont......Im a D-Hall fan....but im even more a falcon fan...His stock is threw the roof so we can easily get a first round pick....we have to trade this guy regardless if this is true or not.....


Our moles who were in the Georgia Dome on Monday night tell us that, at one point during the game between New Orleans and Atlanta, Falcons cornerback DeAngelo Hall was overheard telling Saints coach Sean Payton, "I'll play for you for the minimum," or words to that effect.

Hall was fined $100,000 for his conduct in a game earlier this year against the Panthers, and the general feeling in the wake of the incident has been that Hall won't be back in 2008.

Prior to that, Hall made clear his desire to test the open market once his rookie contract expires.

It's unlikely that Hall would actually play for the Saints, or anyone, for the minimum player contract with four years of experience. Still, the broader point is that Hall clearly wants out of Atlanta. He'll likely get his wish.

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