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Some Vets got to go


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This team has minus a few individuals have packed it in this year, all the issues with Vick, New systems & coaching have caused a majority of our vets show their true colors and it's sad. It wasn't going to be a necessarily great season even if Vick was still around we still got a suspect O-line and players that don't fit the scheme and gameplan. My opinion is that these Vets such as Dunn, Crumpler, Coleman, Brooking, Hall have been instead of leaders they have been dividers these guys were allowed to basically do what they want under the previous regime and Blank let them run the team uncontrolled without discipline. These guys loved it they got lazy the new coachs come in and the vets basically pout about every lil new thing that the coaching staff puts and and the resist the changes either due to personal opinions, ego, or etc. They are the reasons for this team complete failure sure the team wasn't going to get in the playoffs necessarily but they could've been more consistent. This is the reason the below guys need to be cut are not resigned because we need to lose the bad apples and get people in here who want to make a name for themselves and the organization.

Need to Go

Dunn- Time to pack it up had some good years but the ride is over

Crumpler- Not a fit for the system and hung the coaching staff out to dry

Coleman- Injuries Catching up and need bigger D-Lineman

Brooking- I'm a GT fan myself but he's lost a step he's a liablity in the run nowadays

Jenkins- Never really showed up and causes too many INTs are his fault

L. Sanders- One year watching him proves he's no more then a backup

Joey or Byron- No reason to have to sub par back ups that you paying 2 mil a peice for

*Release/Trade/ Don't resign whatever save some Cap Money for FA, and resigning good young players

Need to Stay

D.Hall- Yes he did cause issues for the coaching staff earlier but recently he's been more positive toward the team and coachs if you listen to him talk and statements I think he's got himself in order a lil plus Houston is learning and has showed flashs that he can be a good corner both of them should stay around

R.White-Some good tutoring from J.Horn & a good system for him he has became a #1 WR

Norwood- Got talent and he shouldn't be the starting RB see below but he's a playmaker

Redman- He has proofed that he's the better QB for this Offense gets the balls out quick hits open WR's and seems to a good arm hes better then the other guys and your not going to draft a QB thats going to come in and be all world anyway. Need a QB next year that can run the offense get a lil better protection and see what we can do with him plus cheaper


We need to critically address the OL, S, & RB situation and draft a QB for the future doesn't have to be the big names but a guy that will either drop to the 2nd round or can run this offense

RB- Sign Michael Turner he's been wanting for a starting job for years he the kind of big back Petrino likes to use and he can be a 1,000 yard rusher with the right big oline in place.

OL- Draft early and often for the Big Lineman that Petrino style needs and improve the OL no QB can throw or hand off without blocking

S- Need to get a long term solution for 1 of the safety positions in the 1st or 2nd round

QB- Everyone is calling for the big QB pick but a rookie QB without a good oline is blocking him is crazy we need to start there first so got a QB that can be developed in a year or two and let Redman run this team till then. For example look at the Oline of Cleveland of past years and how D.Anderson & Frye both struggled and this year the OL has greatly improved and now look at D.Anderson success it's no coincidence all the great teams in the NFL in there Prime have great OL's past and present Steelers, Cowboys, 49ers, Green Bay Colts, Pats,

DL- Get some quality skill and growth at DT through the FA or Draft or Trade see Alge Crumpler.

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