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David Carusso is the absolute worst actor I've ever seen


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Not that any of the CSI shows are really that riveting, but has anyone seen how terrible of an actor David Carusso is? I've seen him in a few movies and never remember him being this bad. I've started to DVR the episodes of CSI: Miami just to laugh my ##### off whenever he's on the screen.

The guy has to "exit" every scene to the point of hilarity. The opening scene of every episode ends with him saying something witty and/or stupid and quickly walking away as the show cuts to the intro credits.

He stands sideways while he's at a crime scene or interrogating someone holding his sunglasses the same way every time and makes sure to constantly flash his badge and piece. He also has an extremely hard time looking at people when he's talking to them.

There has also never been anyone that removes and puts back on their sunglasses as much as he does. It drives me nuts.

Does anybody else notice this?

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I was a big fan of CSI Los Vegas. Stopped watching it though because of supernatural.

I tried to watch CSI Miami, but I cant stand David carusso either. CSI miami probably wouldn't be that great of a show if Carusso wasn't in it. He just makes an average show absolutely terrible.

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morphy (12/11/2007)
CSI Anything is terrible period.

the end.

like i said earlier, i used to be forced to watch it all the time, so unfortunately i'm very familiar with the formula. what a retardedly unrealistic show.

how many terrorist attacks could there possibly be on Miami?!? and why the ##### is the Miami PD handling it?

that show is whack police propaganda anyway.

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I watched CSI once. It of course, was about a murder mystery. They indroduce you to suspect A, suspect B, and suspect C and build the show around the possiblity of how it could have been any one of the 3...The end of the show comes and its time to let you in on who did it. Was it A, B or C??? Nope, it was suspect D who you never saw at anytime during the show. That was enough for me.

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bam_19 (12/11/2007)
His horrible acting is what makes CSI so awesome.

I know, lol.

I just got done watching back 2 back episodes. He's hysterically bad. I have DVR some episodes that I have to watch too.

I wonder if it's a ploy to get more people to tune into CSI: Miami?

If so, it's pretty brilliant.

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