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If Warrick Dunn gets 10 more carries(total) this season, you know that we're not playing to win.


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Completely disregarding # of carries, Warrick Dunn had the lowest amount of rushing yards on our team last night. That's pretty ##### poor, considering the fact that he's starting, all in itself.

Now consider the fact that Dunn had more carries than anybody(same # as Norwood), and we're getting into the range of "pathetic".

Finally, consider the fact that he averaged .5 yards per carry. And no, the decimal point is not a mistake. 6 carries, 3 yards. Chris Redman had 1 carry for 4 yards, putting him ahead of our starting RB. Jason Snelling had 3 for 9. Jerious Norwood had(the same amount as Dunn) 6 carries, but he turned the 6 carries into 21 yards.

Team Average with Dunn: 2.3125 YPC.

Team Average without Dunn: 3.4 YPC.

This is ridiculous. I don't think he deserves to touch the ball any more than 5 or so times each game for the last 3 games. Not only is he way too old to give us any promise for next year, but even if he was younger, he's just plain pathetic. And you can't blame this on the line, because they blocked the same all night; they didn't just not run block for Dunn, they didn't run block well for ANYBODY. Honestly, give Jason Snelling 30 carries in one of these 3 games. I'd love to see what he can do with the ball in his hands more often. When we need a first down, he gets it for us on his own. Even if the line doesn't block well for him, he is exactly what Petrino wants, a pile-moving RB that blocks better than Warrick Dunn. Helloooo, full back in college means LOTS of pass blocking. He's got an edge on Dunn and Norwood both when it comes to blocking.

Honestly, give Snelling a chance. I was so pissed off last night when he converted on 3rd(or 4th) and 1 and then he came out of the game just so Dunn could come in. SO pissed.

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Watch the game ******. Everytime Warrick Dunn got a carry there were 3 Saints in his face. Our offensive line is ******** pathetic. Quit playing it off as if Norwood rushed for 130, aside from his longest run, which was a mind-blowing highlight of the week 6 or 7 yards, he had like 13 yards on 6 carries, so shut your ******** mouth. Warrick Dunn isn't the problem.

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Right, so, because of course Warrick Dunn is the only person that runs behind this terrible O-Line, it's safe to assume that it's not his fault.

The numbers don't lie. The rest of our freaking team has 1 more YPC Average without Dunn than with him. That is significant, and it was all behind the exact same offensive line. And by the way, if you take away Jerious's longest run of the night, it's only fair to do the same with Dunn.

So, if we play your little game and take away each player's longest run, the stats look like this:

Norwood: 5 Rushes 14 Yards

Snelling: 2 Rushes 5 Yard

Dunn: 5 Rushes -1 Yards

So, new YPCs.

Team With Dunn: 12 Rushes for 18 yards, or 1.5 YPC

Without Dunn: 7 Rushes for 19 Yards, or 2.6 YPC

I like this game. ;)

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ok i must have had you confused with someone else, i believe.

I do wonder why Norwood is not getting more touches, i dont think it has anything to do with Dunn as our staff has had no problem going young.

I would like to see norwood get to play a whole game before he is handed the tourch, it seems they want him on the field but as anything but a RB, why?

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