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So how does this one get decided?

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Our current settings are set to "Leave as Tie". That said, I could not switch my starters at RB because I was at worked and ESPN's fantasy FB is blocked there. So I didn't get to swap Kevin Jones and Leon Washington, putting KJ as my starter. Had I done that, there wouldn't be the question as to who wins this week.

That said, this is our next to last week of the entire season. I was playing for my spot in the finals. Michael Boley was one of my starting LB's and Marques Colston was my WR I had going tonight. After the scoring was "final" (not official until Saturday according to ESPN), we end in a tie, 134 to 134. Boley was not credited with his Forced Fumble in the 4th quarter, though it was on special teams, which I'm not sure we get points for. That said, how do we decide this one and as to who gets to play in the finals? Do we revert to bench points (I win 61-44)? Do we revert to overall record? (I lose by a half a game I had one tie earlier in the year) Do we revert to overall points (I lose by 6 points or so, even though I am first in my division in overall points, I'm second in the league behind my opponent)? How will this one be decided?

I'd like to say bench points, as that's how most leagues I'm in do it. But, that is unfair to my opponent, just as it would be unfair to me to go on overall points or records. Even though I was a lower seed in our playoffs, the regular season should go out the window. f that is the case, I kill him in playoff points. I believe that it should revert to bench points, as that at least decides it on the field for players this week.

As is life in the NFL, regular season records, in my opinion, should go out the window, as a 6 seed can be the champs as much as the #1 seed can be. It shouldn't come into account what was done during the regular season, IMO. But either way, someone is bitter. How does it end?

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