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What will most influence your vote for President?


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I'm not voting this time because Bush can't be re-elected, so my problem is solved. I tried to help it last time by voting for Kerry, but everyone else screwed up so we got stuck with good ole Georgie for 4 more years.

Good going, guys.

I found myself last time voting for someone solely based on the fact that I knew who I did NOT want to be president again, which made me feel like I was cheapening the voting process. Not that our individual votes count anyways, but it was really only a big waste of my time that I could have spent eating breakfast that morning or maybe taking a longer shower or spending another half hour on the toilet before going into work.

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snake (12/10/2007)
I vote other, as there are more than 1 principles that I want in a candidate. They are all not the same. I think Leadership is a primary thing I look for in a candidate. Honesty and how well he can get along with others is another factor. Obviousely immigration, the war and tax's are important so its a mix bag that attracts me.

I've always wanted to ask this question:

People who say that they look for honesty in a candidate-- How do you tell if they're being honest? Do you have like a lie-detector in your brain that catches that persons brain-waves as they talk? Or do you just assume that when they say something you agree with, they're telling the truth?

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