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360 update issue

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Not sure if any of you have had any issues with the update and I thought mine was pure coincidence but from looking on line i'm not so sure. I downloaded it and immediately afterward Assassin's Creed got sluggish so I just turned it off for the night. Yesterday i crank it up and all of a sudden i get "Unplayable Disc". I went through others and got the same thing, CDs too. I think that my dvd drive just went bad but decided to google some stuff and found that there were at least a couple cases on message boards where people had the same problem. I mean that can't just be pure chance can it?

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I got an unplayable disk error a few weeks ago. Can't remember if it was after an update or not. Had to send it in, just got mine back the other day and I'm playing the **** outta it. Gotta make up for lost time. I still feel like it's going to break again at any second. I just don't trust these **** things anymore. I'm starting to agree with PS3 fanboys. Ugh...

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