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Why we will draft a QB in the first two rounds


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As glowing as his review was, Jaworski said Atlanta's franchise quarterback probably isn't on the roster and that includes Vick.

"If you don't have the man under center, a guy that the entire organization and team believe in, it's hard to win consistently," Jaworski said. "Ultimately, you've got to find the man under center. I'm not talking three, four games. I'm talking over a year, over years. You have to find that guy, either through development, trades or free agency, but you have to find that guy.

"You'll never be consistent as a football team, never, unless you get consistent play out of the quarterback."

This, my friends, is why we will draft a QB this year in the first two rounds. Most likely the first round, unless one we like slips. All the talk of Long being the pick is bogus, unless we plan on taking him and a franchise QB (like Browns did). I 100% agree with Jaws on it starts with the man under center. Evidence in point the sucess of our team during the Vick era started with his sucess. This team is much more in need of leadership than talent at this point. Both would be nice.

BTW this post is not to suggest we will not draft or sign OL--i think we will do both and heavily. But I 100% agree if it came down to franchise QB or OL at this point, we take the franchise QB and then draft OL 2nd round on.


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possible, bart. But unlikely. Long is a great player and would be a great addition, but Blank is a business man, as well. If it isn't McFadden we draft early (if available), you can guarantee it'll be one of the 3 qbs. It makes sense not only from a football perspective, but also from a marketting perspective: you lost the face and only draw of your football team (vick); therefore, you replace him (McFadden or Brohm/woodson type)

I know you are a football junkie and your reasoning is sound, but the falcons want to sell tix and jerseys and McFadden and Brohm jerseys sell a helluva lot more than a Jake Long jersey would.

But I don't think not drafting a Long would be a bad move, necessarily. There is good to great talent in the first, and, again, you could see us end up w/ two firsts this year.

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Let's do it Cleveland style - draft OL Jake Long in the 1st round, then trade up to draft Brohm (or some other QB) in the mid to late 1st round. We can do this using one of our two 2nd round picks.

The reason I want the Falcons to do this is that I don't feel that any of the QBs in this upcoming draft are worthy of a top 5 pick.

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