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Has ABF been delivered a kill shot by the migration?


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backnblack (12/10/2007)
It seems that the flow here is about one fourth before the move. Just my perception or reality?

yea i could agree with that, which sucks. I think its because of the lack of sucess, and the vick fans leaving, or going to the Vick forum. I hope they get better. i remember the other board had like 100+ppl on all the time, but now its always in the 40-50 range.

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As it stands, pretty much every thread in here is about religion (which i cant stand) and the Hawks, which i dont mind but i'd prefer this Forum be about things other then sport.

There are no quality threads in here.

There is also no Obama threads up yet which create traffic here, just for the comedic relief, which everyone on here needs this season, unless your RODDY NATION who, is a joke.

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