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What are the most probable seedings for the NFC and AFC playoffs??


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Question beforehand: All the division winners get seeded 1-4, correct?? Even if a wild card team has a better record, they still only get the 5 and 6 seeds??

Assuming I am right, here's my best guess at this point, but I haven't been following as closely as I should recently:


1) Dallas

2) Green Bay

3) Seattle

4) Tampa Bay

5) NY Giants

6) Minnesota


1) Patriots

2) Colts

3) Steelers

4) Chargers

5) Jaguars

6) Browns

And the way it looks now, the Pats will probably have to beat the Chargers before the re-match with the Colts (who will have to fend off a tough Steelers team).

In the NFC, with GB getting home field in their first game, they should make it to a re-match with the Cowboys...However, I could VERY EASILY see the Seahawks beating them...They are a very well-coached team.

I sure hope someone knocks off the Patriots so Peyton doesn't have to fool around with them in NE...

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