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Wher are my posts?????????


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TJ M (12/9/2007)
Hi Duck,

Are you looking for your postcount? Or for your actual posts to come back? We've archived all posts prior to October 15, 2007. As for postcount, we're still working through the list.

I know you are working on it but I thought I would mention that my post counts are not right either. The only reason I am mentioning it is just incase it might help you on the entire post situation and that's all. As long as I can post messages and all that I don't care much about status names and all that. All that matters to me is that others know who I am and I know who they are and the rest is all a matter of everyone's opinions. But that's not to knock someone for wanting their post count correct, if that's important to them then that's cool also.

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