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I don't know if any of you have heard of blogtalkradio but it allows you to have your own online radio show. And I'm thinking about starting one myself. It will mainly be about sports. And I'm trying to get at least 3 people would would not mind doing the show with me. It won't just be about Atlanta sports. But EVERYTHING about sports.

All you need is a phone line. Or if you have a Computer to Phone connection thats cool to.

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birdman2k4 (12/9/2007)
you can easily make money off this to.

all you need to do is download Skype, which allows you to make calls from your laptop or computer. get a nice quaiity headset. And you good to go.

just need 3 people.

Oh and this will air around 11 at night.

see i LOVE the idea, but i do not think i can do it for a month or so, because i got finals in school, then Applying to colleges. if you want to add a member or need a 3rd ill probably be able to join in mid jan.

ask Sac/avatar30. he is always up to date on college sports. i could be the terrence moore hyping up DJ( and the rest of my Homer ways);)

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