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atljbo (12/9/2007)
He is a free agent after this yea....he fits the system Coach P has here and he will be cheaper......what do yall think ?....dont forget he was a goal line beast for us

Mora would still be our coach if Duck was here. Falcons would have been at least a 10-6 team.

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Im glad Mora is no the Coach and i love that Coach P is the Coach.....Im tellin yall.....ists a good chance we will get tj duckett back.....he is the exact kinda back Coach wants to go with norwood......look at all the times we have had 3rd and 1 or 3rd and 2 or even 4th and 1....Duckett would have atleast......i mean atleast got half of them...

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Just be happy for him. The guy was born in Michigan went to college in Michigan and now he plays in Michigan in a system that seems to fit him better than any other that he has been in.

He's home and he's getting some PT and some success after two washouts in Washington and Atlanta.

We have already seen what T.J. looks like in Atlanta. Let him stay in Detroit and enjoy playing in his hometown. We'll find our success with someone else.

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atljbo (12/10/2007)
The Falcon Ace (12/10/2007)
It's not like he has been doing this all year...

everytime i see him get in this year...he gets positive yards.....the point is duckett was never sorry....he just didnt fit the zone system....he fits this power system we are turning to

never a fan favorite but a good player IMHO

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Statick (12/10/2007)
NineOhTheRino (12/9/2007)
Man he's just plowing through that Dallas D

Why do you guys do this to yourselves? The guy has one good game in a loooong time and that hindsight whining just kicks in.

Is this phenomena only exclusive to Falcons fans?

Ease up man. It's noraml the think about the "good 'ole days" when things are going rough. Notice the "" cause even I don't view 8-8 as anything good.

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joker32 (12/9/2007)
I'm curious why he's not used more?

I watched the game and I was curious why he was not in when the Lions were inside the five twice. They went with the other back both times. Duckett got his 30 yd TD and a couple of first downs BUT WAS NOT IN AT THE GOALLINE. ???????????

Maybe the Lions coaches know something we do not!

OH and one of the reasons he has not been used much is that the Lions have been real pass happy this year. This game they made a deliberate attempt to run more and Both backs got more carries and more ydc.

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