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Frontlines- FOW Full Beta 3.0 Clients- with New Maps,Heli, Etc is out!

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*Uninstall old Beta Client-if you have it, Its FULL Beta client!


You have to already have a Key,

or you can still Subscribe to File Planet to get one,


((New Keyers-))

dont, for now, dowload the fileplanet version,

its version .21!)


Click" Join the Forums" link that comes with the Key

Look for new 3.0 client!

Old Keyers-

Visit the "Kaos Feedack Forum" that was sent to you in the email with the key!

If you lost your FP info,

just reapply for a Key using the same email,

it remembers your Key for you!

Newests FFOW HD trailers-

Vehicle Breakdown Trailer HD


Infantry Tactics HD


Drones Trailer HD


Vehicular Onslaught Trailer HD


The Road to War HD-

(Best Storyline in a game ever!)


More trailers can be found here...



Screenshots- Its Awesome


If you dont have a key and you dont want to deal with FP,

the Demo will probably be out Soon.

FFOW set to release Jan.8th!

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