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Gimme 5: Gov. Perdue on the BCS..


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Gimme 5: Gov. Perdue on the BCS

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Published on: 12/09/07

Gov. Sonny Perdue, a former Georgia football walk-on, gives us five reasons the BCS got it all wrong:

1. Because Kirk Herbstreit and the BCS are about as accurate as reports that said Les Miles was leaving LSU.

2. I forget, does "BCS" stand for "Blind, Careless and Stupid" or "Bulldogs Completely Snubbed?"

3. Georgia has won the last two Little League World Series titles, and the BCS thought it was time for another state to win something.

4. After getting crushed by an SEC team in the national title game for the second year in a row, Ohio State will have to change its mascot from the Buckeyes to the Blackeyes.

5. Believe me, polls are the last thing you should rely on when making an important decision.

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