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IF and if is a big word

Demetrius Dew

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We all no Petrino wants Brohm a blind man can see that, but what IF Redman wins these last 4 games with great to good play coming from the QB position.

Well Petrino and Mckay may have a problem on their hands.

Draft Brohm a rookie and wait two to three years from him to develop, and kick Redman to the curb. (Redman does not have enough game experience to mentor Brohm)

Draft a OL (Or position of need not QB) and stick with Redman.

I know IF is a hugh word in this situation but this is very possible situation we have on our hands.

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Either way - Draft OL 1st round.... pick 2nd or 3rd round QB to groom for 1-2 years.

If Redman just so happens to be great for a few years - great... else - He really would be a good mentor to a rookie.

I'm not sold on Braum due to him just playing for Petrino before - I think there are a few QBs the Falcons look at. Don't pick the guy just because he knows the playbook - pick someone who can make a difference in the NFL.

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I think that our biggest problem is that we have no offensive line. when I watch all the other teams in the league that are constantly good, their O-line is one that is pretty good as well.

I'm at a point where I am so sick of stinking that if they get six linemen in the draft and free agency that can start or back up, then I'm happy. If that means that we don't get a QB then so be it.

Harrington, Redmen, whoever, plays well with no pressure (good line) and our running game being better means the defenses have to plan a more balanced attack. (which helps Harrington as well and also means our line is good.)

In Fact, most teams that have high first round picks consistently never get better because they spend them on skill players and not line men. (Arizona and Detroit , how many times can you pick a Wide out in the first round?)

I'd rather suck one more year and get a good line and be good for ten then never have back to back winning seasons ever.

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